Smart Moves Fitness

My Journey

waist up picture of Al, a virtual fitness coach and personal trainer and owner of Smart Moves Fitness

As a competitive athlete in my teens I was a undersized and slow and did not stand out the way I wanted to. I had to find a way to give myself some kind of advantage against the bigger, faster and more accomplished athletes. I would find that advantage through fitness and strength training. I sought out the best local mentors. Through physical work and acquiring vast knowledge about the human body I would find myself playing stronger, faster and with greater endurance and explosive power than most others i was playing against. It seemed like exercise, when done correctly is a miracle drug.

This would lead to a masters degree in Exercise Science, prestegious internships and several certifications. I would also soon find out that sadly many people do not exercise correctly, not making the most out of their time, energy and sometimes money. I decided then that I want people to benefit from my knowledge and experience with the emphasis on actual scientific research and Smart Moves Fitness was born.

Though I started working with college and pro athletes this would quickly branch out into working with and learning the most efficient ways to train all types of clients such as , Generall fitness, Weight loss, seniors, bodybuilders, fitness models, post surgery rehab, industrial athlete( preventing work injuries) back pain, tactical athletes and so many more. Whatever specific goals you may have or special populaton you may be in. I have likely helped someone very similar to you.

So here we are years later, and I have grown in this field. I now have a team as dedictated as I am. My mentors are now famous authors, doctors and strengthcoaches. My text books have now turned into medical research articles. I am more excited than ever about helping people of all ages and abilities transform their bodies and their lives! The best news is its easier now than ever.

As you read this its likely that I am shooting an exercise video or learning some way to better a clients fitness experience. My only goal is to make sure you reach your goals.
I promise you will get my absolute best every time.

Thank you.